Apple iWatch Concept Combines Nike Fuelband / by Gavin Lau


This shows a Nike+ Fuelband-style device with a display that cycles through the time and date, an iTunes-style music player, and a menu featuring the icons for Apple's iMessage and Calendar apps. The mockup also includes a Nike+ Fuelband app. Created by Thomas Bogner, a student at Germany’s Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, the concept device was inspired by his desire to have a Nike+ Fuelband with more features.

"What I was missing in all those iWatch mockups to date, they never felt 'Apple-like' and 'unisex.' If my girlfriend wouldn't wear, but I would — it's basically not Apple. For me, personally, the iPod click wheel was one of the most stunning implementations of UI in a consumer device; that's probably the reason why [I] wanted the Interface to 'rotate' around a wrist."!9ecb:eyJzIjoidCIsImkiOiJfY28xbmQybjNnN2QzMXluNXZncDNwMl8ifQ