Crafting a Great Post-Conversion Experience for Landing Pages / by Gavin Lau

Ah, the golden egg. The coveted prize: the landing page conversion. As Marketers, we tend to talk a lot about landing pages, from design to marketing automation process. Here are the questions that often come up during these discussions:

  • What’s the right amount of copy?
  • What are the most effective images to drive interest once a user lands on the page?
  • And what about the form? How long should it be and which fields are the most critical?

These are all important aspects of landing pages. But one of the things that I find most interesting is what happens next because the post-conversion experience varies greatly.

In the olden days – let’s say 2004 – it was simple, right? You had your form and then a thank you page. This usually consisted of a very simple page with a link. Or maybe you sent the requested resource via email after a form completion. Now, don’t get me wrong; these are necessary responses and fulfill the user’s expectation of what they will receive for filling out the form. But these days, we have more content and thriving social media accounts that enable us to stay connected with our audiences. So while you have a user’s attention, doesn’t it make sense to provide even more opportunities for engagement?

Let’s say I’ve filled out that form. What experience will I have with this website and this company going forward? Below is an example of an interaction I recently had with Sprout Social. I receive an email invitation to an upcoming webinar and when I clicked on it, I came to this landing page:

This is a great example of an impactful landing page: exquisitely simple and visually appealing. But what struck me even more is the thank you page that I received after registering:

In one fell swoop, they not only got me to register for a webinar but they put several other fantastic offers right at my fingertips. And they did this in a very streamlined, elegant way. More importantly, they made it ridiculously easy for me to take action.

Now, not all companies have a free trial to offer up on this page but I’ll bet that there are certainly other offers you could put out there in addition to the social media links. Here are some ideas:

  • Free consultation with an expert
  • Another piece of content that is would also be appealing to the visitor based upon what they already downloaded
  • Sign up for your mailing list
  • Invitation to visit your blog

What else can you come up with? Brainstorm with your team and come up with a list you can reference each time you create a new landing page or when it’s time to refresh existing landing and thank you pages. So many times, we create these pages and may do a great job of checking the results but we don’t revisit them as often as we should to potentially change out the offers. Sometimes, these small actions can mean a big difference in results.