How to Enhance the UX using Micro-Interactions / by Gavin Lau

We all have a habit of judging a book by its cover. The smart designers develop practical and catchy interfaces, so the potential users get hooked by it. But how do you show them the way of it?

The answer is that all roads lead to a one place and that is a human centered design approached. Where the prime focus of a user as a human is to speak the same language as he uses every day, it includes colloquial speech, emotions and a pinch of come hither looks. Interface is your good friend that is ready to give you advice to make your experience enhance that makes you chuckle.

Now the curtains have up lights have hit, it’s time to play with the micro-interactions. Precisely, it is all about interactive animations that came along with the interface and make it more appealing. Such as,

1) Provide feedback and communicate status

2) Enhance the direct sense for manipulation

3) Helping people visualizing the results of their own actions

Basically, in UX (user experience) what matters the most is how you deal with users and how they feel about using the product. Even a minor detail deserves some close attention. Micro-interactions provide users with the much needed feedback to make them understand the ongoing process by making the interface approachable in the most complicated situations you can say logic could be behind it.


Showing the system’s main status

The first usability principle is that keeping the user informed about what is happening. Many users expect to get a response very quickly, but there are certain situations when a site needs some time before to complete an action. So, the interface could keep the user enlightened about what the graphic is displayed in the background, by measuring the portraits or when playing a sound. This type of procedure won’t let the user bored. Even those notifications like when shows a transfer fail looks very cute that make you smile as well.


2) Highlighting the changes

Often times, to make space an app should be simply replace on one button whenever it is needed. Many times users need to see the notifications. Animations will be able to attract their attention and not letting the user to overlook about that is important.


Keeping the context in check

The era of the smart phones and small watches having a small screen, can be difficult to fit information in one screen. The one way to handle it is keeping the navigations on different pages so users can understand what are appearing from which place, there are many options for this one.


Having non-stop standard layouts

Continuing with the old example, micro-interactions should help the users to understand how to interact with the common standard layouts without the unnecessary confusions. Scrolling graphs, photos, flipping back and forward, and rotating the characters all are great options of it.


Taking the action when it calls

Helping a user with the effective interactive application, micro-interactions should have the power to encourage the users to actually interact like keeping on browsing, share or like the content just because it is attractive and you don’t want to leave in the first place. In many ways it calls for the action that you need to understand and take it while using it.


Visualize UX input

UX data input is a very important element in any application. The best quality a user get is totally depends on visualizing and data input. It is a rule that is quite boring. But using the micro-interactions can turn this process into more than something special as well.


Making the tutorials to come alive

Definitely, animations can help educate and aware users after the launch of any application by highlighting using basic controls and features that are mostly needed for the further usage without any hitching. You can do this by adjusting your #3D modules just the way you want it.

These are some of the real facts about 7 secrets of how to enhance the UX (user experience) using micro-interactions. So, if you really value your user experiences and want to polish your interfaces from A to Z then try to spice it up with animations and micro-interactions it will certainly breathe a new life into your project. Attention to each and every detail of the project is very important. The key to success is making your human computer interactions relevant to us in so many ways. As we all know micro-interactions are something that can make your life easier and can help to enhance your user experience at its best.