“Great design is all about aligning business goals with users’ goals”

A Little Bit About Me...

I grew up in Hong Kong and England. I now live and work in Hong Kong.

During my career, I've worked as a graphic designer, photographer, creative director before transitioning to the field of user experience (UX) design 10 years ago. This goes back to 2008 when I joined a financial startup, I was introduced UX (mobile) to create desirable experiences for users. This experience ultimately defined my belief that when designing for an experience or developing a creative strategy, the first step is to define & understand your target audience. This combined with a clear understanding of the client's business goals help steer the creative process and therefore a strong & intuitive user experience. By interacting with stakeholders, product managers and users at the early stages of development, I was able to design with a clearer vision that helped to bridged the gap between business needs and users expectations. In my past 10 years of experience on mobile, one of the most important rule I've learned is to have empathy - the ability to understand and identify with another person's context, emotions, goals, and motivations, and the importance of communication - understanding your audience and how to speak to them is essential to any successful UX design.

I’m currently accepting new client work. Feel free to drop me a line and tell me a bit about your project.

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Seekers Capital Group      

Creative Product Owner
Apr 2019 - Present

Maximize the value of the product as the primary representative of the business stakeholders and end users ROI for the product.

User Experience Creative Lead
Nov 2018 - Present

Owning end to end design process and deliverables.

AXELCO (Consultant)        

Head of Design
March 2017 - June 2018


  • Inspires business and departmental culture, values, and brand promise.

  • Constantly amend and communicate the vision in order to deliver the next paradigm in customer experience

  • Tasked with ensuring that designated practices, annual product and consumer targets, and KPIs
    are met.

  • Monitors and drives the product all the way from creation of design concepts to the final launch of
    the product as well as post-launch monitoring and analysis.


Creative Partner                                                                                                                                             Sept 2002 – Present

Our services includes: mobile apps, web services, websites. We’ll help with IA, UX, UI, Web Design, App Design, Interaction Design, Digital Strategy, Creative Direction, user testing, validation. We do it all.


Sr. UX Design/Product
Apr 2016 - October 2016


  • Open-minded, make critical decisions, and take ownership. Continually push for better experience.

  • Ability to convey concepts through logical wireframes, flows and mockups and transform them into beautiful interfaces and experiences.

  • Communicate across business, engineers teams and other different functions to shape the future of product (Mobile).

  • Measure performance, define and direct A/B (split) and multivariate tests to improve customer experience.

  • Use a human-cantered design approach to direct the design of product solutions that solve for the true needs of our users.


Global Sr. UX Design
Sept 2015 – Apr 2016


I drive the ‘Best In Class’ direction of the product experience from research, personas, wireframes, and clickable prototypes for the global digital channels e.g. Internet Banking, Mobile and Tablet. 
I'm a strong problem solver, self-motivated, and will balance creativity with an analytical approach. I take ownership of the interaction design process while simultaneously cultivating an environment of team collaboration and open communication.

ROKO LABS (Consultant)  

Lead UX Product Design
Jan 2015 – Aug 2015


  • Craft and communicate compelling digital experience vision and strategies

  • Deliver detailed experiences including but not limited to wireframes, users flows, UI specifications, clickable prototypes, research, usability analysis and interaction design from concept through completion

  • Articulate complex product visions through simple, elegant designs that inspire and delight users

  • Work with Digital Product Managers to clarify and define user stories as they apply to user interface

  • Collaborate with UX team members to ensure the overall design is consistent with established styles and usability best practices

  • Execute user research strategy, from planning, recruiting, design, conducting the research and analysis

  • Proactively suggest UI / UX improvements for existing and future products

  • Act as sounding board and brainstorm leader for new design concepts


Senior UX at IQLab, Head of UX/UI Mobile
Sept 2012 – Sept 2014

IQ Innovation Lab - To work with product techies, designers, entrepreneurs, business analysis and artists to explore new crazy/innovative ideas that we can engage in our desktop and mobile products. As a discovery type of person, my primary function is to learn then share with my team members. Most people are scared to fail but I believe failure is common in the world of innovation.

Mobile Team - To define, develop, test, and communicate how users interact with our product across various platforms and devices. Often I need to understand complex product requirements, and translate them into simple/ intuitive user interfaces. I oversee/create pixel perfect user experience wire frames, prototypes, and mockups and work closely with UI designers, product managers, engineers, and QA to bring designs to life. Lead the UX function and contribute to product design and strategy.


Creative Director - User Experience Design
Mar 2010 – Sept 2012

My role is to create intuitive and engaging user Interfaces with the focus on the user's experience and interaction in mobile and convergent experiences across multi-native platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BB).

This year alone, I've been actively transform client’s business needs into design strategies, interaction and visual design solutions with many top Financial Institutions, mobile giant, media companies and exchanges such as Nokia, S&P Capital IQ (McGraw hill), New York Stock Exchange, Bank of Montreal, Macquarie, CNBC and many more… 


  • Oversee the development of creative; combining strategy, interactive and brand design, creative content and technology.

  • Engage in new business pitches to win new, and extend existing client relationships. Advocate to sell creative work that inspires the Company and builds our portfolio.

  • Lead initiatives for developing and refining UI/UX best practices and processes.

  • Maintain constant communication with the Executive Leadership team (COO) to raise issues and concerns with product developments

  • Work along with product team to interpret client needs in a coherent and constructive format for the creative development of the project as well as develop new business opportunities.

  • Collaborating closely with product, engineering and design throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Foster a creative culture that supports innovation, teamwork and professional development

  • Manage multiple projects from concept through completion


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                                                                         Michael Stennicke                                                CEO at Adret Capital Pte. Ltd. (was Co-Founder/CEO of CarryQuote AG)

Gavin is one of the most gifted and hard working designer I have ever worked with; his attention to detail is the stuff of legends and he covered the spectrum from marketing collateral over corporate website to complex digital product designs, the latter spanning, iPad/iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Gavin's sense of what works is excellent and I am proud Gavin chose to work with CarryQuote.

Dmitry Rakovitsky                                                      Founder & CEO, ROKO Labs

Gavin has that fantastic blend of creative design and user experience chops that allow him to come up with truly innovative product designs. He always played a key role in defining the product and user experience and not only focused on aesthetic part of the product. In my work with Gavin, I found that he made my job simpler and more creative. Gavin always delivers on-time and at the highest quality and consistently surpasses expectations. I look forward to work with Gavin again in my new ventures for many years to come.




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